Enhancing the value of
human relationships within a sharing economy

Annual P2P trade reaches KRW 20 trillion in Korea alone.
VARC is a platform optimized for the P2P sharing economy,
and a blockchain-based solution maximizing the interaction between the consumer and the seller.

VARC was
Created to realize a sharing economy between individuals
through a sophisticated blockchain-based mobile smart life
with the ultimate goal of realizing a true mobile ecosystem.

Our goal is to realize a decentralized sharing economy system and a platform based on P2P between users, rather than centralized O2O services.
All members of the ecosystem have access to action miningto construct relationships of mutual benefit in cryptocurrency mining and usage.
We respect the values of all our members, support creation of new values, and create an economic system based not on cutthroat competition and monopoly, but on sharing and cooperation.



  • VRING is the sharing-economy platform that creates the economic value out of interpersonal relationship among the people. A network community that connects the dot of information and society will provide a real-time information.
  • Action mining: Rewards are provided to all members of the ecosystem in different forms based on their activities.
  • As a leading company in creating economic ecosystems and human benefit through innovations in cryptocurrency, VARC is the only platform that seeks to realize the goals of realizing a smart and fulfilling life within the unique ecosystem of VARC.
  • VRING platform will add up to your extra-conveniency by providing a membership shopping mall and NFT platform services.


Exchanging or selling items that I want are limited by many different factors.
We now offer a unique method to make smart transactions with AI and Big Data, and seek to realize the value of humanity through convenience and utility.

  • VARC

    Preoccupy new concept advertisement markets

    Create and acquire member infrastructure

    Move toward Big Data industry based on blockchain data

  • Advertiser

    Powerful and intuitive advertisements

    Differentiated merchandising services

    Targeting advertisement based on user characteristics

  • Trader

    Blockchain-based smart contract eliminates overly complex procedures and false transactions

    Smart and personalized transaction matching and progress through AI

    Enhance reliability in transactions with equipped reputation system

    Generate profit through action mining

  • Business

    Acquire users through platform

    Develop AI and Big Data proficiencies by utilizing the platform

    Enhancing VARC values through services and sales

  • Marketability

    Flexible payment solution easy
    for various companies
    and users to use widely

  • Convenience

    Utilize actively Industry 4.0-based Big Data and AI-based convergence
    systems to enhance user convenience through
    an automated matching system and smart push function

  • Usability

    Mobile app integrates different and dispersed payment methods
    Promote user convenience through smart matching services
    such as one-click and AI automated matching

  • System construction

    Self-developed payment system,
    use of independent payment network
    Provide economic effects to customers
    since it easily combines with other systems
    without using other payment systems

  • Transaction stability

    Maximize transaction stability by applying security
    as strongly as of financial companies,
    conducting substantive franchising
    examinations and certificating users
    Secure a stable payment system
    with a client company guarantee system

  • Stabilization of value

    Determine exchange value discussed
    with client companies, and the value
    is unchanged when making a payment
    Provide franchises with benefits
    to settle expenses ease burdens of fee



VARC Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is based on motivation and rewards arising from all interactions within the P2P sharing economy platform and ecosystem formed by VARC.
VARC Coin is a cryptocurrency intended for all users of the VARC platform around the world, and anyone who uses the platform is eligible for the VARC environmental system.
By utilizing a unique technology called Mobile Mining,
VARC will open new mining opportunities through content, information, advertisement, services,
communication, and other interactions taking place within the platform;
and capture innovative financial technologies of cryptocurrency to
become the leader of cryptocurrency used in the natural economy.




VARC applies the best security technology free from any malware, regardless of operating system.

  • DST Technology
    Key decentralization technology helps users to
    have a master key

    OS Free : Not subordinated to operating system

    No deterioration : Ultra-lightening of I/O structure

  • VARC Stealth Space + Stealth I/O
    Control disks and I/O routine through virtual space
    called stealth space

    Perfect confidentiality

    150% prevention of malicious code’s entering

  • Every data is formed as DST’s own format,
    perfectly encrypted
    and stored in stealth space.

  • You can gain access to your stealth space
    in safe by using DST SDK
    (Self Development Kit).

  • DST’s own file system is embedded,
    which makes it easy and simple
    to manage folders and files.






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What is a Blockchain?

blockchain is a distributed database where storage devices are not connected to a public server. The database stores order history, referred to as ever-growing blocks. Each block has a time stamp and a link to the previous block.

What are VARC Token and the VARC platform?

VARC Token is an ERC-20-based standardized token used to facilitate faster transactions in the VARC platform. Users can use the VARC platform to finalize transactions with greater convenience through the use of the blockchain method and be awarded with VARC Tokens at the same time. VARC Tokens may be used for all expenditures possible within the platform, and by forming an internal ecosystem centered around VARC platforms, they seek to establish clear sources of usage within the token business.

What is a VARC Mainnet?

VARC MainNet (Decentralized Application) is a third party business contents module that consists of a remoteized system platform, which consists of a VARC algorithm, a top-up and a cloud The successful entry into the main net is no different from starting a formal service, so investors can invest confidently and achieve more from the technical side of the cipher. Organizing transactions and ecosystems with independent platforms, and creating independent wallets. VARC Mainnet is not dependent on existing platforms; it is an independent ecosystem.

What is a ERC-20?

An ERC-20 is a common rule that all the ERC-20s must follow. That is, this particular token gives ADVISOR/PARTNERs of all types the ability to accurately predict how new tokens will function within a large idyllic system. ERC-20 Token's criterion in Etherium has recently been formalized as EIP.

Is it safe?

DST technology configures "stellar space" separately for all types of disk storage attached to your computer. Self-designed "Health I/O routines" without the complexity of kernel and user-level I/O routines used by traditional OS to control disks provide complete confidentiality and 150% protection from external malware.